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[19 May 2005|12:25pm]
Verona Times

Street brawl between Montague’s men and Capulet’s men:

n Sunday afternoon
there was a fight between the servants of the Montague’s and the Capulet’s.
hazel eyes ;]

TUESDAY [10 May 2005|03:13pm]
[ mood | NOTHiNG¿!?¿!? ]

wow...i havent written in this thing for a while and a lot has happened...well kind of, anyways over the weekend i pretty much did nothing except go to the sawgrass mills mall...got nothing lol...well heres my week-days(kind of)....

monday- school, duh =]...had a math test lol and in the middle of it the announcements came on and they were like "this is not a drill evacuate the building (fire alarm going off in the background) this is not a drilll...lol funniest thing ever! yeah so we were outside for 20 minutes cause there was a fire in the girls bathroom..smoking probly? lol that what everybody does these days...except me of course =]!! lol...

tuesday- yeah so i was the only one who finished my test on monday...and ppl got 30 minutes on tusday to finish and me and saraa were the only ones who got 100's!! yay go us =]..and we got some math award thing lol i have no clue..oh yeah and we played tennis in p.e!! yay lol sam was my partner we rock!! *cough cough*...well i rock=] lol sam its ok i still ♥ you!! hah...yeah so that was my day and im going to my tennis thing at 4:30 soo cya laterrr gaterr..=]




001 hazel eyes ;]

WEDNESDAY [04 May 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | BLEISH ]

heyy again lol i know this is my second entry today but i got this thing in an email and i thought it was soo cute lol here it is...

Apples and Wine

>Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the
>Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid
>falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just take the rotten apples
>the ground that aren't as good, but easy...
>The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in
>they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along,
>The one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.
>Now Men...
>Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to women to
>stomp the shit out

hahaha cuteness lol wow...well im going to bed cause im sooo tired =]




hazel eyes ;]

WEDNESDAY [04 May 2005|06:43pm]
[ mood | MY DOG SPAZiNG 0UT =] ---RAWRR ]

heyy today was a fun dayy..lol..i had my drug test for publix, i hope i pass =] lol j.k i know i will because im cool like that..lol well i guess since im bored and all i will show you all the coach bag i want!!! lol im like sooo obsessed with it..adn if you dont beleive me you can ask elisa lol she knows =]...here it is.......................

bag i want!!! =] $$$Collapse )

byeeee!! luv ya..:o)




p.s. the bag i want is only $88!! lol thats expensive but N0T expensive for coach =] byeezzz
003 hazel eyes ;]

MONDAY [02 May 2005|09:15pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

hey!! omg i havnt written in here in soo long lol...well i changed the layout!! hope you like...well acually i dont really care if you like it or not ;], i just downloaded winMX..yay so now i dont have to pay for songs for my iPod! tehhee lol im ok...well i didnt go to school on thursday..

wednesday- nothing =[ lol..well schooll doesnt count

thursday- had a sleep over with sam and mallory!! lol finally it was soo fun lol...we had chinese food yummm =]...and we watched spanglish it was pretty good...

friday- went to the coral square mall with sam and mallory...it was also fun lol we went into the new store called libby lu..or howevere you spell it lol...it was soo cute for like little kids, you could make your own like lip gloss and perfume and stuff..well while at the mall i got this heart link braclett and a cute pastel colored braclett from claires for $1 lol its me mallory and sams friendship braclett lol...BFF!! then we went back to my house and hung out a little more then they left..

saturday- i went to the boca town center with elisa =] lol and i got...a hand sanitizer and hand wipes at bath and body works lol...and i got this watch its sooo cute the acual watch part has like gemstones around it and then you can change the straps i got 2 of them from claires..one of them is like different colors of pink and the other has like pink blue and green on it...i also got a new bathing suit!! lol its soo cute..at least i think soo..its green and there is pink on it and it was originally $77! geesh..but it was 50% off so it was only $40!! lol that cheap for a whole set..dont ya think?! lol then i came home and slept over mallorys...

mallorys- well me mallory and her aunt were watching alice in wonderland (lol dont even ask) and then we heard like this water dripping so we went into the kitchen and there was water leaking from the light and the airconditioning thing!! so i put buckets under the drips...then we went upstairs and the washing machine overflowed!! it was soo scary lol and we didnt have a wet-vac ( for those of you who dont know what that is..it vacuums up water =]) so mallorys brother had to drive like 20-30minutes to her moms to get one cause walmart didnt have any...so by the time he got home it was worse...and this all happened at like 12:00 so i was soo tired...yeah and some guy came to help us at like 1:00 lol crazzzyy...

sunday- i had to leave mallorys at like 11:00 cause she had to work at like 11:30 so theni did nothing all that day lol...

well thats all of my weekend...ttyl bye


002 hazel eyes ;]

SATURDAY [16 Apr 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | HAPPY =] ]

well...today i went to the mall with my dad...lol cause i had to get an outfit for a confirmation....but before the mall i went to playtos closet and made $28!! yay lol...and then i went to the mall, i found a really cute top from macy*s, a skirt from hollister, and shoes from payless..lol i got them from there becuase they were cheap and its only for one night...yeah so just click on the link and you can see the stuff i got! lol i know im weird...and YES i know there is some random weird girl in the picture of the shirt i got but thats the only one they had lol.....

CLiCK T0 SEE MY OUTFiT...Collapse )

ok well i have to go now because mallory is picking me up and im sleeping over! =] lol ok bye...


002 hazel eyes ;]

FRiDAY [15 Apr 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | TiRED!! ]

hey im updating..AGAiN! lol only because i changed my layout...i created the picture on my own!! lol im so proud of myself...even though it says made by spiralbound its not...well it mostly is lol like the layout and like everything lol...i only made the picture and changed the color of the scrollbar to match...im still proud of myself oh well...i just wanted to use that barbie dumped ken icon lol..but with this layout my user picture wont show on my el-jay (compliments of elisa) anyway so i put it in the picture..well tonight i went to the mall with elisa and marie was supposed to come but her dad said he didnt want her to get rapped so she couldnt go..sad =[ well anyways i didnt get anything and elisa got a belt for her and her friend for her birthday...we are maybe going to the sawgrass mall tomarrow lol only becuase we were only at the mall tonight for like an hour and 30 minutes...yeah soo im going to go to bed now because im tired..bye!!


hazel eyes ;]

FRiDAY [15 Apr 2005|05:09pm]
[ mood | DRiNKiNG *$'s =] ]

wow its friday already...yay!! today after school me elisa and marie went to westglades to help mrs.thompson lol and it was really fun...we graded papers and stuff and when the kids got them back they all like got 50's and they blamed us?! hello its not our fault you didnt hand one of the worksheets in shut up gosh! yeah so but before that we had to go around to all of our other old teachers to get staplers lol...so we went to mrs.stratos and got one then mr.carruth...then we wanted to go to mrs.frames room even though she is in the hospital cause shes having a baby...but we wanted to annoy the sub lol so first we went back to mrs.stratos's room to give her her stapler back then we went to mrs.frames lol...and we bothered the sub..he was like "why do all three of you need to come and get a stapler" i mean shut your mouth you freak ..hes sooo gay! yeah so anyways..then wen we returned the stapler he asked us that again...gosh freak..then we were like skipping and running around...so then after the bell rang for westglades me and elisa got krispy cream doughnuts lol...we were being pushed and trampled by little 8, 7, and 6th graders...so we pushed them bak =] ok so yeah then me and elisa had to go walk back to douglas...my school lol for those of you who dont know that...adn her mom picked us up...then she brought us to *$'S...and for those of you who arent smart enough to figure out what my little code means it means.... starbucks..and we went in and we knew like everyone in there lol and so when we ordered our stuff elisas like my name is sarah..lol cause she "thinks" they cant pernounce her name =]but anyways...so there was like a mirror near us while we were waiting for our drinks and i was making faces in the mirror and we were laughing and the guy behind the counter was like..what are you guys laughing at? and were like nothing and he asked us like 3 more times and threatened not to make our drinks... so elisa finally said she was making funnny faces into the mirror...so he goes to me whats your name and im like samantha...and he goes out loud "we have to stop all production of the drinks...because samantha (while he was pointing to me and saying the one blushing) was making funny faces at us...!!" and everyone was looking at me lol it was so funny...so to get elisa back i was like "sarah isnt her name!!!" and he called her a lier haha lol..funny stuff...well thats my story today...and i might go to the mall a little later or go to the movies im not sure which one yet? i need to figure that out lol...well i have to go fold the dryed clothes and put the wet ones into the dryer!! lol ok bye

002 hazel eyes ;]

SATURDAY [09 Apr 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | boy meets world ]

hey so Islands of Adventure was soooooo fun!! there were so many funny things that happend lol..well the first ride we went on was the hulk of course =] and there were these weird kids behind us in line and they were so close to us lol they were so annoying..they kept on bumping into us and then one of them like touched my butt...and maries also..it was kind of scary lol...and the kept like screaming in our ears. they were the most annoying kids in the world..then they bumped into us and marie again and she was like screaming at them lol...finally someone said something =] so we get to the ride finally after like and hour and a half...but it was worth it lol. then we went onnn....umm...o yeah we ate! then after we ate we went onto the dr.suess ride lol its for like little kids but i like it!! then after that we went on dueling dragons!! yay other best ride...we went on the red one because its better then the blue one lol...then after we got off it we got a fast pass to go on it again. but before that we went on spiderman lol i like that ride too...me and simone kept the glasses you have to wear on the ride since its 3D haha now i have a suvenier. a free one =]. then it still wasnt time for the fast pass to work so we went on the hulk again ha...omg ew there was this group of people behind a chinese lady behind us..and they were like all cutting us and her and we were so mad..lol but then the chinese lady starts like telling them to go back behind her and she starts like cursing at them lol it was the funniest thing ever...then they finally went back to there real spot...then as we were turning an corner one of those people was like trying to get in front of me so i like went in front of her really fast...lol and i guess i stepped on her shoe cause she says really load to her friends "that b**** stepped on the f****** shoe!" lol it was the funniest thing ever..then one of the guys (relly tall guys) they were with goes to marie "what school do you go to?" and of course she tells then douglas ha lol...so then me and elisa go to the line for the front row and another tall guy from there "group" comes to me and elisa "were is douglas located?" and elisas like coral springs lol then he walks away and we tell simone and marie that were are going to get jumped on monday ha lol...we went on the line for the first row omg it was the best ever...i have never been on the first row before and it was so cool...it was way better than any other rows..except the wind went in your face a lot! lol and we made really funny faces on the picture...and we bought it lol it was 4 for $20 on a keychain...so we each only had to pay $5 each! yeah so then we had to get to dueling dragons again for the fast pass...and we went on the blue one instead since we went on the red already...and we got the first row!!! haa it was the best once again..wow i really want to go over the summer or something..ok well we are back on the bus..and me elisa and marie start throwing food at this kid we know named phil lol...and of course he is throwing it back...it was funny..then w.e it was a normal bus ride...and i throw a piece of brownie at phil...and he throws it back but it goes behind me and hits this really tall kid who is like 1 or 2 grades older then us...lol...so he gets up and goes to phil and hes like "see this soda? see your face?" and he tries to pour it on his face...but phil like blocks it...lol then the kid starts like threatning him..i felt so bad lol..so we stoppd throwing stuff. then the kid behind us...the threatning one lol...starts talking to me and simone and hes like to simone "whats your name?" and she was like Alberta ha lol...and he believed her..and i told him my real name though..then he asks us if we had fun and i said yeah and "Alberta" said no lol...even though she did. and he asked her why and she said her boyfriend hit her lol...even though all of this is a lie..and hes like is he on this bus? and she said yeah his name is franklin...and he is the one sitting in front of the kid he threatened before lol..so as im laughing a lot he goes to "Alberta" are you lying because i dont want to look like an idiot and she was just like yeah im not lying...so he gets up and goes to the kid lol and i dno what there conversation is but he comes back and goes to "Alberta" your a lier! lol it was so funny...so hes talking to us and stuff then we introduce him elisa as "lauren" and marie as "jessica" ha lol and so he like talked to us for a while...it was scary...then a little while later he goes to "Alberta" are you awake? and she looks at him and he yells out "Alberta" it awake!! lol and he yells it like 5 times it was so funny...so we get off at the rest stop..and of course im not hungry because marie had enough food to feed the hungry...so i just got rice lol and simone got pasta..and were sitting at the tables eating and all of a sudden a piece of pizza crust comes flying over and we look over and who is it? phil of course. yeah so i was gonna throw a pee at him...but i didnt..then we are back on the bus and we were going to play cards but we didnt. then we get to the school then we leave lol...yeah it was pretty much the best trip ever gone on...and i am deffinatly going on it every year...ok thats my story.bye!

002 hazel eyes ;]

THURSDAY X2 [07 Apr 2005|08:04pm]
[ mood | HOPiNG i DONT DiE 2M =] ]

i hope i dont get killed/kidnaped tomarrow while im standing all alone waiting for my friends to finish the water rides =]

have a nice day =]


hazel eyes ;]

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